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Product Description

Before use


Before use oil the blade,the machine body may become a little hot when it's recharged or directly use AC power.

This is normal and have no impact on its normal working.


The oiling position

(one drop for each position)

• Oil at the arrow position


Don’t clean the product with gasoline, alcohol or banana oil.

•Or may lead to product color-change.

•Please clean it with diluted suds.

•Never use the product in bath room.

•Don’t recharge in environment temperature of which is below 0℃ or more than 40℃.

•Please keep the product in a place where children can’t reach it.


Before use

About fixed length fittings

Purpose flat head and hair end trim

Advantage ( 3、6、9、12 mm) four kinds of length adjustment comb

1. Resolve the trim length

2. Select specific length fitting

A  Align with the blade

B  Install length fitting

3. Get down the length fitting

Push one side of the fitting, and get down

Way of Recharge

1. 1. Let the switch be on position [0] , The product can’t be recharged if the switch is on position [1]

2. Plug the connecting plug into the device’s main body.

3. Connect the power adaptor into power socket (the recharge indicator will be on)

4. Recharge time is about 8 hours

If the recharge time is over 8 hours, the recharge indicator is still on.  One recharge will maintain about 45 minutes of working



Don’t unplug the power adaptor with wet hands, or it may lead to an electric shock


Before use

First time use or use after lay in idle for over half a year, please recharge for 10 hours (to activate the rechargeable battery).  If the rechargeable battery is fully discharged, the recharge indicator may not immediately be on, keep recharging for several minutes, and it will be on.


After recharging is finished

1. Unplug the power adaptor from the power socket

2. Unplug the connecting plug from the clipper’s mainbody.

• Please unplug withe one’s hand grasp the plug, pull the power line may lead to damage of the power adaptor.

• Avoiding long time recharge (for more than 10 hours), or it may reduce the battery’s service life.


After using


①Clean the hair residue

②Among the blades

•Push the clean button and clean the hair residue

③Clean the hair residue in the machine body.


•One drop of oil at each arrow postion

This appliance contains batteries that are only replaced by skilled specialists. 

Product Specifications

Model Number RSCW-1005 Power type: Rechargeable
Product size: 16.5x4x4.5cm Voltage DC 5V, USB charge cable
Blade material Ceramics, stainless steel Battery: Ni-cd, 1400mA
Charge time 3 hours Working time: 1.5 hours
Certified product Yes Application Domestic use, travel
Color Black/silver/customized Recharge function base Yes
Feature 1 With recharging function base Feature 2 0.8,1.2,1.6,2.0mm cutting length adjustable blade
Accessories Cleaning brush, 4 different cutting length blade combs(3,6,9,12mm,) lubrication oil Low battery indicator Yes
MOQ 3000 pcs Trade Terms FOB, EXW
Place of origin Ningbo, China OEM/ODM


Delivery time 35 days Shipping

By Sea


Turn off the power • Please unplug the power adaptor for maintenance, or else it may lead to electric shock
Wet hands not allowed • Never unplug the power adaptor with wet hands, or it may lead to electric shock
Not getting wet • Never use the product in a bath room, or it may lead to electric shock.
Not dismounting •Don't dismantle, modify, or repair the product by yourself, or it may lead to fire, electric shock, or injuries. Please repair it in a designated repair center.
Don’t use this product in damp places •Don't let the hair cutter or adaptor getting wet, or be washed. Or else it may lead to electric shock risk or short circuit.
Recharging • Don't use this product under AC power that is not  consistent with the one stipulated on its rating label, or it may lead to electric shock or fire.
Prohibit • Don't damage the recharge cord, don't machine, bend, twist it, don't put heavy things on it or squeeze it. As this may lead to electric shock or fire. If the cord is damaged, please go to a designated repair center to replace the cord to avoid risks.
• If the recharge power cord or the power adaptor is damaged, or the power socket is loose, don't use this product. Or it may lead to electric shock, short circuit or fire.
Way of waste battery disposal • When electricity of the battery runs out, please take out the battery and leave it in a designated recycle center, don't litter it around.

Rechargeable hair cutter Motor Working voltage:2.4V
Working current:0.4~0.5A
Rotate speed5700±200rpm
Battery Specified voltage:2.4V
Recharge time:8H
Power adaptor lnput:110-240 50/60HZ
Ouput:DC3V, 800mA
Power: 3W


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