OEM Private Label NZ-9018 Rechargeable Mini Cordless Hair Clipper

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  • detail of NZ-9018 Rechargeable Mini Cordless Hair Clipper
  • detail of NZ-9018 Rechargeable Mini Cordless Hair Clipper
  • detail of NZ-9018 Rechargeable Mini Cordless Hair Clipper
  • detail of NZ-9018 Rechargeable Mini Cordless Hair Clipper

NZ-9018 Rechargeable Mini Cordless Hair Clipper

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Product Description

NZ-9018 Rechargeable Mini Cordless Hair Clipper
Please retain this use & care guidence for future references
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To reduce the risk of electic shock:
1.Do not reach for an appliance that has fallen into water.Unplug it immediately.
2.Do not use it while you are taking a bath or in the shower.
3.Do not charge this unit near a bath tub toilet, basin or sink.
4.Use it only in a dry environment.
5. Do not submerge it under water.

1.Read the instructions here thoroughly before using the device.
2.Use the shaver only for purposes decribed here in this instruction manual.
3.For hygienic reasons, the shaver should not be shared with others.
4.When this appliance is used by people with physical or mental disabilities,instructions and monitoring from
   a capable adult is required throughout the whole process of use to ensure safety.
5. Regulary check the foil's cndtion, if sgonsg of damage is found, do not use t any more.
6. Do not use it if your skin is red itated, ifamed, inected or bitere
7. It needs to be replaced mediatly when the blade is womn.
8. This product is for household use only.
9. Do not place or store this unt in dret sunight Store it in a cool and dry place.
10. Keep this unit out of reach of children.
11.Use the charging cord in this package only.
12 Keep the charging cord far away tom water and handle t with dry hands ony
13.Grip the plastic pug heed and pull it out when disconnecting it from an AC outlet. Never touch the metal plug pins during this
     process to avoid electric shock risks. Winding the power cord may cause damage to it.
14. Do not pull, twist, or forcefully bend the recharge cord.
15. Do not wind the recharge cord tightly around the device mainbody.
16. Do not dismantle the product shell apart.
17. This product is not intened for pet use.
1. Before first time use, charge it for 12 hours.
2.Regular charging time is 8 hours and working time 45 minites.
3.Do not overcharge it, as this may affect the battery's service life.
4.Make sure that the trimmer is switched off before plugging the recharge cord into AC outlet.

How to use the appliance
-Belore cutting make sure the head of the person whose hair is to be cut, is at your chest level.
-To abtain the best results, use this appliance when your hair is dry.
-Move the appliance in opposite direction of the hair's growth.

Cutting with guide combs
1.Adjust the cutting guide up to 5 settings by pushing plastic comb up or down with your thumb or choose the detail guiding combs.
2.The two detail guiding combs are used for medium and longer timmering effect.

Cleaning and maintenance
1. Clean the appliance after each time use.
2. To clean the appliance, do not use any strong detergents or liquids such as alcohol except water.Use a slightly damp cotton cloth
    for cleaning.
3. Make sure the appliance has been switched off and the charging cord is unplugged from AC power.
4. Remove the cutting guide comb and use brush that is provided in the package for cleaning hair residue.

Environment protection
The battery in the appliance contains substances which may result in environmental pollution. Before disposal of the appliance,
remove the battery from it. Please take all WEEE marked waste to your local recycling center for proper disposal and handling of it.

Product Specifications

Model Number NZ-9018 Power type: Rechargeable
Blade material Stainless steel Battery: Ni-Cd, 600mAH 
Product size: 3.7x4.0x13.7cm Function Hair cutting
Certified product Yes Application Domestic use, travel
Charge time 8 hours Working time: 1 hour
Color Blue/silver/customized Brand Customized
Feature 1 Mini size Feature 2 Cutting length adjustable
blade guard
Accessories Cleaning brush, recharge cable, 2 different length blade combs, lubrication oil Cable plug US/EU/UK/AU
MOQ 5000 pcs Trade Terms FOB, EXW
Place of origin Ningbo, China OEM/ODM Yes
Delivery time 35 days Shipping By Sea


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