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Update of EU household appliance safety standard :A11 Deviation Requirement

★ EN 60335-2-15:2016+A11:2018 Particular requirements for appliances for heating liquids. Date of entry into force 28th, March, 2019
★ EN 60335-2-16:2003+A1:2008+A2:2012+A11:2018 Particular requirements for food waste disposer. Date of entry into force 17th, February, 2019
★ EN 60335-2-55:2003+A1:2008+A11:2018 Particular requirements for electrical appliances for use with aquariums and garden ponds. Date of entry into force 5th, April, 2019
★ EN 60335-2-59:2003+A1:2006+A2:2009+A11:2018 Particular requirements for insect killers. Date of entry into force 5th, April, 2019 
★ EN 60335-2-85:2003+A1:2008+A11:2018 Particular requirements for fabric steamers. Date of entry into force 5th, April, 2019
The specific deviation mainly includes
1.The coverage relationship between the above standards and LVD directive 2014/35/EU safety objectives
2. The EU standard needs to consider the reasonably foreseeable risks that household appliances may bring to all members of the family. But it does not include children’s playing with electrical appliances; children’s use; children’s use of appliances without adult’s care and the use of very vulnerable groups (serious capacity defects).  
3. Testing requirements is added in EN 60335-2-15/A11:2018 for a new product, i.e.pot coffee maker
★ Appliance without a filter intended to make coffee by bringing to the boil very fine ground coffee in water. These appliances do not have a lid or similar device.
This pot coffee machine is a traditional way of making coffee in the Middle East, Caucasus, Balkans and Eastern Europe. It can also be used to boil other liquids, such as milk, soup, etc.
★Increased warning in the manual as below:
CAUTION: Never fill the pot coffee-maker above the maximum level since hot foaming coffee or other liquids (e.g. milk) might overflow during heating.
★Added new chapter 22.Z101, coffee froth should not be overflowing when a pot coffee machine is being normally used.

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